11 Amazing Horror Films You Can Watch For FREE Right now

Here's a list of some amazing horror flicks you can watch for free right now. NOTE: they're all on YouTube and can be taken down at any moment. So you better hurry and watch! 

1) The Burning

A lesser know Tom Savini film, but really great! A guy gets burned alive at camp, comes back years later to kill everyone with garden shears. One scene in particular: a bunch of campers happen upon a canoe, and well, you can guess the rest. It’s awesome.

2) Dead Alive

Maybe one of my favorite all-time movie quotes “I kick ass for the lord!” this movie is so over the top in every way. And it’s extra amusing to know this man would one day make all the Lord of the Rings films.

3) Dog Soldiers

Army werewolves! Most modern werewolf films have been huge letdowns, but this one is great. Watch homeboy’s guts get ripped out and he tries to put them back in. Love it!

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4) Absurd

One of the 39 films banned in the UK in 1983, a list know as Video Nasties, a priest comes to a small town to help get rid of a monster whose blood coagulates very fast. This creates problems as the monster is hard to kill and then go on a killing spree of its own.

5) The First Power

I’m a sucker for any ‘cop goes after the Devil’ movie (Denzel Washington’s Fallen is another good one). They combine my 2 favorites: cops flicks & horror flicks. Lou Diamon Phillips as a hard ass detective is icing on the cake. How’s the stomach, buddy boy?!

6) Critters

Don’t eat while you watch this.

7) Night of the Demons

“Hey! It’s Halloween, let’s go party at an abandoned funeral parlor!” Good thinking guys...

8) Dr. Giggles

This movie is so crazy, I don’t know where to start. The titular Dr. Giggles is a genius/psycho/ schizophrenic who thinks he’s a doctor, and perfroms major surgery on people against their will. Oh, and if you didn’t get it from the title, he giggles the whole time. Like I said: crazy. A better tag line would’ve been: The Doctor is in...sane!

Have you seen Wheelchair Werewolf?

9) Creepers

Starring a young Jennifer Connelly, Dario Argento made a film about a girl who communicates with insects and uses the power to pursue a serial killer who is butchering young women at her school. Watching this film feels like insects are crawling all over you.

10) Cemetery Man

From IMDB: “There is the duality between love and dead (in Italian "dellamore" means "of love" and "dellamorte" means "of death"), a duality that Dellamorte feels in a really hard way. He is the guardian of the cemetery of Buffalora, a little town in the north of Italy, in which corpses rise from tombs and Dellamorte has to destroy them.” Of the many zombie films being made and remade this masterpiece still stands as a unique and amazing film.

11) Sleepaway Camp

Not 'just another summer camp slasher rip off' the film has got big scares and an infamous ending that is guaranteed to stick with you. You've been warned! Man the 80s were messed up.


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