Comments on an old video

Here's a video I made 6 years ago for a job search site called Shortly after the video released they went under! But the video was fun and I got a few bucks for it. Soon after its release it experienced a bit of viral success winning a contest connected to Dane Cook's Employee of the Month. (In that video link, notice how Dane clearly never watched any videos for this, but our link is in the description!)

Our prize? Front page of YouTube for a day, which back then got us around 200,000 views.

Unfortunately the video is not on my youtube account, and since the business went under, I was never able to keep track of it and any potential spoils of having a viral video in 2006. I recently stumbled upon it, and WOOF it's bad. Real hacky stuff. What amused me are the mean comments on the video I never got a chance to respond to.

Until now. Here's screen shots of my recent responses to old comments on a video I too think is bad. Enjoy!

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