Marketing Strategy With Youtube Commercials

It's hard to get people to commit to a full movie right on the spot, especially since most people don't want to watch a clip longer than 2 minutes. A bigger issue: an 68 minute movie is too long to commit to if you know nothing about it. I'm using a youtube ad strategy to walk people into to the film, giving them a little taste over several steps to see if Master of Inventions is their cup of tea and giving them the option of seeing more.

It's a strategy straight out of Permission Marketing. Instead of yelling WATCH THIS LONG THING YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT NOW!, I want to entice a wider audience. Start off with a manageable clip (5 seconds-ish) ending with a call to action if they're interested in more. If so, the can continue down the path towards the movie, each step getting them deeper and gaining more of their attention. As important, the option to bail at any time keeps them at ease, never in fear of the hard sell.

I think most people are on the fence, easing them into Master of Inventions would be more effective, instead of demanding their devotion right off the bat.

I'll be running ads that are only 5-second videos for various products in the film. At the end of each video is a link to watch the first 5 minutes. On the first 5 minutes is an annotation that links to the full film.

Like so:

Amazing chart, right?

I already have one set up for the bulletproof coin sorter. Check it out:

I'm betting the Singing GPS one will yield the most hits. Regardless, ads are expensive, so I will be focusing the attack on Reddit and StumbleUpon. I have a few dollars left over to do them on Youtube proper. We'll see how well it goes and adjust accordingly.

What do you think? Any ideas for improvement? Comments? This is a work in progress so please add to the conversation.